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704 Reporting Instruments and Instructions

Attached please find the revised FY 2008 704 Report Dear Colleague and Contact Information sheet.  The Dear Colleague letter includes web links to the 704 Report instruments and instructions, Parts I and II.  The letter also provides 704 Report submittal instructions and information about a national training for DSUs, SILCs and CILs scheduled for November 13 and November 20, 2008.

The FY 2008 704 Report is identical to the one approved in 2006, except for changes in the race and ethnicity sections in subpart II.  These changes were required by the Office of Management and Budget, as reflected in the U.S. Department of Education’s final guidance published in the Federal Register on October 19, 2007.  Race and ethnicity reporting directions have been incorporated in the revised 704 Report instructions.

Also, starting on November 7, 2008, DSUs, SILCs and CILs will be able to complete and submit the 704 Report directly online through the RSA Management Information System (MIS).  Additional information is provided in the Dear Colleague letter. 

Thank you for your work on behalf of individuals with significant disabilities in your state.  Please feel free to contact me at thomas.kelley@ed.gov or Felipe Lulli at felipe.lulli@ed.gov if you have any questions or comments. 


Thomas Kelley
IL Unit Chief

704 Part I for reporting on Fiscal Year 2008 (10/1/07 - 9/30/08)

704 Part II for reporting on Fiscal Year 2008 (10/1/07 – 9/30/08)

These reports can be submitted on-line using the RSA-MIS. RSA encourages everyone submitting reports to do so on-line.To request access, read the "Getting Started" instructions.

704 FAQ from RSA on December 6, 2006

Data collection tools available for your use

We have ARCHIVED 704 Webcasts that you have access to:

CIL 704 Technical Assistance Discussion Board

Centers for independent Living may post questions on this discussion forum about the annual 704 report, its preparation and submission. Staff of RSA will monitor the board and use your questions in developing upcoming training.

SILC 704 Technical Assistance Discussion Board

Statewide Independent Living Councils may post questions on this discussion forum about the annual 704 report, its preparation and submission. Staff of RSA will monitor the board and use your questions in developing upcoming training.

Users must register for the Discussion Boards to post questions. This is done to diminish spam on the board. Upon registration, you will receive a password by e-mail. Use that password to log into the message board and post your question.

ARCHIVED - CIL and SILC Reporting Discussion Board

The IL NET makes this public forum available for discussions about CIL and SILC reporting, especially questions and comments about the 704 annual report. Representatives of all CILs, SILCs, and others involved with or interested in IL reporting are welcome. The moderators of the 704 teleconferences, including RSA staff, will monitor this Public Forum to respond to your questions and comments.

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) website now includes a list of State Liaisons and their contact information. For questions or concerns related to the following programs under the Rehabilitation Act, contact the State Liaison for your state:

  • vocational rehabilitation (VR) program, established under Title I;
  • supported employment (SE) program, established under Title VI, part B;
  • independent living (IL) program, authorized under Title VII, part B; and
  • independent living services program for older individuals who are blind (OIB), established under Title VII, Chapter 2.

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