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Counseling Without Bias


Demographic trends
Racial Bias

  • Employer bias

  • Clinical bias

  • Acceptance rates studies

  • Analogue studies

  • Attitudes toward people with disabilities and minorities studies

Integrating Research and Practice

  • Working alliance as a framework

  • Factors related to the framework

    • Working alliance

    • Expectations about counseling

    • Counselor-consumer match

  • Research Process

    • Level 1 Research -- Conducting baseline research documenting racial biases in VR practice

    • Level 2 Research – Identifying factors contributing to positive and negative working relationship with people with disabilities from minority backgrounds

    • Level 3 Research -- Developing intervention packages to help counselors improve their working relationship and counseling outcomes with people with disabilities from minority backgrounds and conducting randomized clinical trials to determine the efficacy of the intervention package.

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