ACL Blog: Centers for Independent Living Annual Program Performance Report Open for Public Comment

Blog Post March 10, 2017

ACL has released the proposed revisions for the Centers for Independent Living Annual Program Performance Report (CIL PPR). The Notice of the Proposed Revisions is now on display in the Federal Register and will be open for public comment until May 5, 2017. (See also corrected notice for updated details.) The CIL PPR will not take effect until after all comments are reviewed and a final information collection instrument is released.

The CIL PPR is a redesign of the 704 Part II Report in order to reduce the reporting burden, improve the consistency of terminology used in the report, and remove unnecessary data elements.

Based on feedback from centers for independent living and others as well as our experience, we have focused our efforts on assessing current data elements for increased usefulness; identifying and addressing data gaps; aligning data across data collections where feasible; and reducing reporting burden through reductions in data elements to improve the data structure.

Please submit a comment by May 5, 2017 to let us know what you think of the proposed revisions and how the CIL PPR can be improved in ways that are consistent with statute and applicable regulations.

View the revised instrument and learn more about submitting comments.

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