IL-NET Training for SILCs at SILC Congress 2016 (5.5 Hours)

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2016 SILC Congress

About the Trainings

The following trainings were provided by the IL-NET to SILCs at the 2016 SILC Congress: 

An Introduction to SILC-NET Training and Resources Available for SILCs presented by Darrell Lynn Jones

This presentation is a brief overview of the trainings, technical assistance, and resources that are available to SILCs.

WIOA & ACL Proposed Regulations, Part I presented by Ann McDaniel, Kelly Buckland and Brad Williams

This presentation provides a comparison between the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) changes affecting the IL program and the regulations proposed by ACL for implementing them.

WIOA & ACL Proposed Regulations, Part II presented by Ann McDaniel, Kelly Buckland and Brad Williams

Strategies for Shifting SPIL Development from SILC-DSU to DSE SILC-CILS presented by Larry Wanger and Brad Williams

Presentation by two SILCs describing their process for transitioning from the old way of developing the SPIL with the DSU to the new way of developing it with the CILs.

SILC Standards and Indicators (Proposed) presented by Vicki Gottlich and Jennifer Klocinski

This presentation by ACL describes their process for developing proposed standards and indicators for SILCs

Strategies for Resource Development presented by Ann McDaniel and Brad Williams

Resource Development slides provide an overview of the authority that SILCs now have for resource development, with examples from two SILCs about how resource development might be done.

Uniform Grant Guidance - A Quick Overview presented by Paula McElwee

The Uniform Guidance slides is a presentation that provides an overview of the federal rules that have been consolidated from the old OMB circulars and their potential impact on SILCs.

Other Training for SILCs