Aging and Disability Business Institute Webinar

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About the Training

Aging and disability community-based organizations (CBO) provide valuable and cost-effective services that improve the quality of life of countless individuals, their families and caregivers. This good work is evident to and celebrated by those who give and receive it, but often goes unnoticed or unappreciated by larger, more “traditional” healthcare entities. These entities are unaccustomed to partnering with CBOs, and to paying for their services. But in an increasingly value-based and integrated healthcare landscape, a CBO’s ability to build relationships with healthcare entities is more important than ever to ensuring sustainability and building capacity. A critical competency for CBOs to realize these collaborations is the ability to package and market their services in a manner that appeals to new potential payers. CBO leaders need to be asking, 'Who are the potential customers for our services, and what do they want and need?'; 'What services are most attractive to different kinds of payers?'; and, 'How can we package services to ensure we’re able to take advantage of future growth opportunities?'

In this web seminar, you’ll hear from two aging and disability CBO experts with extensive experience packaging services and preparing organizations for contractual-based reimbursement arrangements. Get tips on identifying service populations, establishing product lines, building relationships, setting fees and more.

Participants in this web seminar will be able to:

  • Identify CBO services from a disability and aging CBO perspective that are good candidates for healthcare partnership packages;
  • Articulate strategies for packaging CBO services to establish business relationships with payers; and,
  • Understand the performance, quality and cost expectations that might be negotiated into a service package contract.