APRIL Youth Talks: Balancing Systems Advocacy Efforts with Self-Advocacy Skill Development in K-12 Education

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About the Training

This APRIL Youth Talk will focus on creative ways of balancing work with consumers to address advocacy needs in K-12 education while driving change that gets to the heart of reforming a system that often fails to support youth in reaching their full potential. Participants will learn about how one CIL has shifted its work with both individual and systems advocacy in education in an attempt to affect long-term change. Join the conversation on August 1, 2018; 2:00-3:30PM ET.

How to Apply it to Your Work?

Are you working with individual students that have IEPs, with classes and groups of students on how to become a self-advocate?  Are you working with students that are interested in going to college and navigating the disability services as a self-advocate? Are you working with a youth group in your CIL that covers school issues or advocacy issues?  All of these areas and more are great reasons to join us on our call!

APRIL Member Per Training Rate: $35

Non-APRIL Member Per Training Rate: $50

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We hope that you will join us and if you would like more of an individual experience or training you can contact our Youth Programs Coordinator, Sierra Royster at 919-567-3602 or april-sierra@att.net.