Choose, Get, Keep – Best Practices in Housing Location, Transition, and Supports

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Online Course


The focus of this course is how to assist individuals who are transitioning out of nursing facilities to access integrated, accessible, affordable housing in the community. Participants will be guided through the entire transition process of securing and relocating to housing, including planning a move, locating housing, and keeping the housing over the long term. The course will supply a number of checklists, fact sheets, and charts as tools to assist in securing and keeping housing. 


Target Audience: 

IL Center Staff, especially Housing Specialists, and Transition Facilitators who assist with securing housing; it may also be of benefit to CIL board members. 


Participants will leave the class with five new ideas about how to help people move. They will have a comprehensive set of tools to use as they help consumers (or themselves) make decisions about moving. Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • assess housing needs and preferences;
  • create a personalized and realistic Housing Transition Plan;
  • support individuals as they locate and choose housing that is appropriate to meet their needs and preferences;
  • describe a variety of supports needed to successfully maintain housing and
  • execute the Housing Transition Plan for a successful move.


Participants will read assignments in the online course manual, complete exercises assigned by the instructor, and interact daily with the instructor and other students in an online discussion forum.

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