Aging and Disability Business Institute's New Health Care Outreach Toolkit

Communicating clearly and effectively about a community-based organization’s capabilities removes one of the biggest barriers to health care contracting for aging and disability community-based organizations (CBOs), allowing for successful cross-sector partnerships and healthier communities. A new toolkit guides aging and disability CBOs seeking partnerships and conducting outreach with potential health care partners.

The Aging and Disability Business Institute has released the Health Care Outreach Toolkit, developed in partnership with Partners in Care Foundation and the Business Institute’s Health Care Outreach working group. It provides aging and disability CBOs with guidance on conducting outreach to potential health care partners and crafting effective messaging.

The toolkit includes customizable messages and potential outreach targets for common types of health care partners—Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid health plans, hospitals, accountable care organizations, and more. Check out the toolkit and get started on health care outreach efforts today.


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Administered by the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a), the Business Institute is supported by funding from The John A. Hartford Foundation, the Administration for Community Living and The SCAN Foundation.

This item is posted for the Aging and Disability Business Institute. ILRU is one of the lead partners in the Business Institute, providing training and technical assistance to centers for independent living and other community-based organizations in securing contracts with health plans and payers to provide community living services to people with disabilities.