JAMA Network Article and Podcast: COVID-19 Crisis Advances Efforts to Reimagine Nursing Homes

JAMA Network has published an article titled, "COVID-19 Crisis Advances Efforts to Reimagine Nursing Homes," and a related podcast featuring JAHF President Terry Fulmer on "A New Vision for Nursing Homes."

The JAMA Network article opens with a summary of the toll the pandemic has had on nursing homes and references a CMS-commissioned report that concluded, “The time has come for a turning point in nursing home care.” Author, Jennifer Abbasi, talks about the work The John A. Hartford Foundation has done both during and prior to the pandemic to improve and assist nursing homes, and interviews Dr. Terry Fulmer. The conversation includes questions on the effects of social isolation on nursing home residents, ageism, the role of technology and reimagining nursing homes.

JAMA has also published a podcast in which Dr. Fulmer discusses the challenges skilled nursing facilities face and shares her vision for nursing homes that better serve residents and support the workforce.

To read the article, click here.
To listen to the podcast, click here.

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