Launching the New Year with What We've Learned in 2020: JAHF Blog

As we begin 2021, here is a selection from last year's What We're Learning series and other blogs from staff of The John A. Hartford Foundation. We look forward to continuing our work with grantees and partners to address the COVID-19 crisis, in nursing homes and beyond, and to promote age-friendly care for older adults that supports family caregivers and improves serious illness and end-of-life care.

Meeting the Challenge of COVID-19 with Age-Friendly Care
We are approaching the end of 2020—a challenging year on all fronts. We are seeing COVID-19 rates soar across our country, and around the world, with contagion far from under control. Thankfully, the first vaccines are starting to be distributed to stem the tide of this rampant virus, but we have many weeks and months before widespread immunity can begin to get us to a new normal.

Shifting the National Dialogue on Nursing Homes and COVID-19
We have all seen disturbing headlines regarding the coronavirus’ effect on America’s nursing homes. What we don’t hear enough about are the innovative, heroic steps that nursing home staff, residents, families, and their community, state, and federal partners are taking to work together and implement solutions.

A Nursing Home Alternative
For some time, there’s been a steady drumbeat to improve quality and safety in nursing homes, and now the COVID-19 crisis is driving an all-out call for major change.

Is Availability of Telehealth for Older Adults a COVID-19 Silver Lining?
As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps patients away from their trusted health care professionals, telehealth offers a glimpse into the future.

The Chasms in Our Society & COVID-19
As the reality of our global state of affairs during the COVID-19 pandemic continues to simultaneously settle in and disrupt the lives of so many, the chasms that define our society are becoming clearer for some people. For others, the injustices that are being revealed are not new, and in fact, they represent an everyday reality.

Collaborating to Make Public Health Age-Friendly
What does it mean for public health to be age-friendly?

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