Leveraging American Rescue Plan Act Investments to Drive Lasting Transformation for People Complex Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic, its economic impacts, and the deep racial and ethnic disparities it exposed have highlighted the opportunity – and the urgency – for the nation to strengthen and transform the delivery of long-term services and supports (LTSS) to individuals. LTSS includes residential care that is provided in nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities. It also includes services and supports that allow people to live more independently and in their community, such as in assisted living facilities and in the home. Medicaid is a foundational element of the nation’s LTSS system. It provides these services to older adults with low incomes, children with complex health needs, children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and adults with complex physical and/or cognitive needs. These are vital services for millions of people to ensure their independence and wellbeing. In total, Medicaid provides more than half of the nation’s LTSS spending.

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