National Accessible Transportation Accelerator Network Seeking Members

The National Accessible Transportation Accelerator Network (NATAN) is a component of the Accessible Transportation Resource Center (ATRC), led by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and funded by the Administration on Community Living (ACL). The NATAN consists of a diverse array of organizations interested in advancing accessibility of transportation for people with disabilities and older adults. The NATAN will increase awareness and adoption of strategies to improve the accessibility of transportation systems and services. NATAN members will support the NTAC by:  

  1. Disseminating information on accessible transportation strategies from NTAC to their networks.  
  2. Applying the information and lessons learned from NTAC to improve accessibility of transportation nationwide. 
  3. Identifying issues impacting accessibility of transportation. 
  4. Serving as a resource to NTAC and other NATAN members on strategies to improve transportation accessibility. 

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