Newly Announced Flexibility in the Medicaid Money Follows the Person Program Expands Access to Short-Term Housing Assistance

On March 31, 2022, CMS announced it will—for the first time—enable states participating in the Medicaid Money Follows the Person demonstration to be fully reimbursed for short-term housing assistance. A Health Affairs article provides background on recent efforts to promote housing stability for people eligible for home and community-based services and outlines the ways in which the new Medicaid Money Follows the Person rules aim to address on-going challenges within the program and describe other Medicaid-related efforts to support housing-related needs. 

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This item is posted for the Aging and Disability Business Institute. ILRU is one of the lead partners in the Business Institute, providing training and technical assistance to centers for independent living and other community-based organizations in securing contracts with health plans and payers to provide community living services to people with disabilities.

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