Public Radio Documentary: Aging in Community

Humankind public radio has published hour 1 of a radio documentary project, "Aging in Community."

Within a decade, America will be looking different. In addition to other demographic changes, 70 million Baby Boomers are now entering their retirement years. For the first time in our history, there will be more older adults than children. This huge societal change will affect how families provide eldercare, how older Americans access transportation, and whether people can age in their own homes among neighbors they know. These shifts will accelerate a trend that began three decades ago with passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act: local communities are attempting to become more age-friendly. What changes will this mean for how families relate, how our streets and sidewalks are designed, how we use technology?

In Aging in Community, a special project from Humankind public radio, older adults and people working in their communities tell their stories and talk about innovative approaches, such as CAPABLE, operated by Johns Hopkins University, which provides an occupational therapist, a nurse and a handyworker to modify the homes of older residents to improve safety.

The project is in association with Documentary Educational Resources and WGBH/Boston and supported by The RRF Foundation for Aging, The John A. Hartford Foundation and The Boston Foundation, and by the Humankind Program Fund.

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