Research Study for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury and Multiple Sclerosis & Lower Limb Impairments

About the study

Recruiting individuals with spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis who have severe lower limb mobility impairments. The research study is going to compare the effects of epidural (invasive) and transcutaneous (non-invasive) spinal stimulation approaches. Participants in this study will first undergo up to 3 sessions with non-invasive spinal stimulation. Special stimulating electrodes will be placed on the skin of lower back and electrical current will be delivered to see responses in the leg muscles. These effects will be examined laying down, as well as during assisted standing. Then, similar procedures will be repeated using special electrodes implanted through the skin and placed over the dura (the protective coating) of the spinal cord. These electrodes will be implanted by a certified neurosurgeon and must be removed within 7 days. You will not pay for any tests and procedures – they will be covered by the Research Institute for study purposes. Each experimental session will last 3 hours and will take place at The Houston Methodist Hospital. After two weeks following the epidural electrodes removal, you will be evaluated to ensure you had no reactions to the procedures.

If interested, please contact Rachel Markley at or at 713-441-3770.

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