Resources for Integrated Care (RIC) Briefs: Community Health Workers

To provide effective services to individuals from diverse backgrounds, many health plans and providers use community health workers (CHWs). They are sometimes also known as promotoras de salud, community health representatives, community health advisors, or health navigators. CHWs have a culture- or experience-based connection with the people they serve. They come from a similar background, speak the same language, or live in the same community as their clients. This connection is particularly helpful when serving individuals dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, who often have more unmet health care and health-related social needs.

Resources for Integrated Care (RIC) invites you to explore the resources linked below that contain information and promising practices related to CHW skills and techniques, how to support CHWs, and recruiting and training CHWs.

Skills and Techniques for CHW Addressing the Needs of Dually Eligible Beneficiaries

This brief describes skills, competencies, and techniques that CHWs may use to provide quality care. Examples include engaging members, coordinating care teams, translation, clinical assistance, and partnering with local organizations and providers.

CHW at Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers

This brief highlights how the Camden Coalition supports CHWs in their efforts to provide coordinated care. It describes assets that health plans, health systems, and providers may consider as they develop a CHW network. Examples include internal support and training, tools, data use, partnerships with local organizations and providers, and measuring outcomes.

Recruiting and Training CHW at Molina Healthcare

This brief highlights Molina Healthcare’s successful recruiting and training of CHWs. It offers recruitment strategies and training practices for health care organizations and additional resources related to CHWs at Molina Healthcare.

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