Washington University Seeking Adults with Down Syndrome to Participate in a Research Study

Washington University researchers are seeking adults with Down Syndrome, at least 25 years of age, to participate in a study entitled "Neurodegeneration in Aging Down Syndrome". The gene that makes the amyloid protein which forms the amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's dementia is found in chromosome 21. Down syndrome individuals may have an increased risk of developing the amyloid plaque deposits at an earlier age due to the presence of the extra chromosome, so this study aims to detect early changes in the brain before loss of function and memory occurs. The study will consist of four visits (2 days each) over a 4-year period. There will be compensation for participating in this study. For additional information please contact Olga Del Rosario at 314-747-1035 (St. Louis area) or visit: http://bit.ly/NiADStudy

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