Accessible Camping

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The Great Lakes ADA Center invites you to register for the upcoming Arts-n-Rec session titled "Accessible Camping," featuring:

  • Jeremy Buzzell, Accessibility Support Program Manager, National Park Service
  • Jason Stora, Chief, Accessibility Division, California State Parks

Camping is a recreational activity that can be enjoyed throughout the year with friends, family, and organizational groups. During this session, California State Parks will share the work they have been doing to improve access and provide accessible camping opportunities for people with disabilities. Additionally, the National Park Service will share what has been done to improve access to federal campgrounds. Participants will have an opportunity to ask the speaker questions following the presentation.

Date:   Thursday, October 13, 2022

Time:   2-3:30 pm ET (calculate the start time based on the time zone you will be connecting from)

Format:   Zoom Webinar Platform (closed captioning will be provided via Zoom and Stream Text link option)

Cost:   No Charge

Registration Required:   Registration for this session can be found on the schedule page at  (If you do not have an account with our system, you will be required to establish one before registering.)