Finding Affordable, Accessible, Integrated Housing (5 hours)

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About the Training

Originally offered as a two-day on-location training in conjunction with the two-day training on A Systems Approach to Expanding Housing Options, also available on this website.

Learning Objectives

You will learn...

  • The Foundational Policies and Options Affecting Housing Choice.
    • Overview of public policy affecting housing choice (ADA, Fair Housing, Section 504, Olmstead, New Freedom Commission)
  • How to assess the needs and preferences of individuals with disabilities and create a personalized and realistic housing transition plan.
    • Outreach and engagement
    • Identifying barriers
  • Ways to support individuals as they locate and choose housing that is appropriate to meet their needs and preferences.
    • Locating appropriate housing in the community
    • Requesting reasonable accommodations
  • About the variety of supports needed to successfully maintain housing.
    • Maintaining tenancy over long term
    • Follow-up and advocacy

Target Audience

CIL Administrators, Housing Specialists, Advocates and others concerned with increasing the availability of integrated, affordable, accessible housing for persons with disabilities.

Videos/Training Materials/Resources

Opening Introduction / Purpose of Workshop / Overview of Agenda (01:09:17)

Ann Denton, Richard Petty, Tim Fuchs

Choice - Tips and Tools (00:41:33)

Ann Denton and Patricia Tucker

Choice - Types of Housing (01:09:08)

Patricia Tucker

Choice - Making it Real (01:39:01)

Ann Denton

Choice - "Show Me the Money" (00:52:58)

Patricia Tucker

Finding Housing, Housing Transition / Supports and Services (04:24:17)

Ann Denton and Patricia Tucker

Real World Problems (01:05:53)

Patricia Tucker

Other Resources on Housing and Transportation