SILC Authorities (0.5 Hours)

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About the Training

The presentation offers the latest information on SILC Authorities – especially how your state can make the most of recent changes from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  New authorities are not allowed unless you take specific action to include them in your state’s SPIL.  You’ll want to check out this presentation to learn how to do that, with specific examples from New York’s SPIL.  

Target Audience

SILC Chairs, Executive Directors, staff and Council members.

Learning Objectives

  • SILCs used to be able to conduct resource development and pursue statewide system advocacy (before 2006).
  • SILCs now have the option to engage in such activity, but can only do so by including “authorities” in a State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL).
  • Strategies related to the inclusion of authorities in a SPIL.

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Transcript and Resources

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