A Systems Approach to Expanding Housing Options (11 hours)

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About the Training

This training was originally presented as a two-day on-location training in conjunction with the training on Finding Affordable, Accessible, Integrated Housing, also available on this website.

Learning Objectives

You will learn...

  • How to play a significant role in community housing planning process.
    • Understanding the community's consolidated plan programs
  • Ways to forge alliances with key housing partners.
    • Key agencies, organizations, and individuals in the housing world
  • The major sources of federal or state funding for housing for people with disabilities.
    • The IFF/IHDA model: using state funds to develop a pilot project for scattered site units of affordable, accessible, inegrated housing with vouchers
  • Effective advocacy strategies to expand housing resources for people with disabilities.
    • Making the case -- why resources should be allocated to people with disabilities
  • About physical and program compliance.
  • Visitability principles and federal visitability legislation.
    • ADA Compliance and Public Housing Authorities

Target Audience

CIL Administrators, Housing Specialists, Advocates and others concerned with increasing the availability of integrated, affordable, accessible housing for persons with disabilities.

Videos/Training Materials/Resources

Day One

Day Two

Other Training and Resources on Housing and Transportation