Teaching People With I/DD to Build Healthy Relationships at Work

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About the training

Join this interactive, engaging, and practical online training to learn how to teach people with I/DD the skills needed to form healthy workplace relationships, keep their jobs, feel connected to others, and live the fullest life possible.

We all want to live full, happy, and satisfying lives with the ability to learn, live independently, work, and have healthy relationships with friends and significant others. This is true for young adults with developmental disabilities as well, and one place they can form relationships with others is in their workplace.

Unfortunately, we have seen people with I/DD lose their jobs not because they couldn’t do the actual task, but because of how they interact with their co-workers, managers or even customers. We have seen people with I/DD hug others when they aren’t supposed to, ask co-workers out on dates, and follow co-workers around because they are attracted to them.

Workplace relationships are unique in that they require certain ways of interacting and people with I/DD need to learn how to navigate these relationships in order to be successful in the worksite and keep their jobs.

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