Using Social Media (3 hours)

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About the Training

Using blogs, wikis, Ning, Twitter and Facebook is changing the way nonprofits do business in the 21st century. Getting on board with this exploding phenomenon is possibly one of the most significant ways the Independent Living Movement can not only stay alive, but thrive in the coming decades. Are you ready to learn how to grow and enhance your Center’s operation using today’s web technologies, especially social networking? This training provides an exciting look at how these tools can be used for enhancing your marketing, fund raising, community organizing, service provision, organizational networking, internal productivity, communications, and more.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the training, you will have knowledge and resources which will enable you to:

  • Identify social media tools, resources, and services, and determine when these tools are appropriate to apply in their CIL
  • Identify strategies to address organizational culture issues and changes inherent with social media adoption and the organization's readiness to implement
  • Describe challenges faced with social media strategy implementation through a case study and relevant examples
  • Describe strategies to build and sustain effective online communities

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View Part 1: Introduction to Social Media (01:25:26)

Transcript and Resources

View Part 2: Applying Social Media at My Center (01:22:41)

Transcript and Resources

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