What Organizations Can Do to Address the “Isms”

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Georgetown University

About the Training

Advancing and sustaining cultural and linguistic competence (CLC) within organizations concerned with developmental disabilities requires the capacity to address the “Isms”1 however they manifest ─ both overt and subtle.  

To register, visit the Leadership Institute website at https://nccc.georgetown.edu/leadership/web-based-learning.php  

In 2007, the National Center for Cultural Competence identified the following key strategies to address the “Isms” and they are still relevant in 2018:

  • Call it what it is!   
  • Create a climate of intolerance
  • Offer a safe refuge for authentic discussions 
  • Use conflict management and resolution
  • Invoke legal interventions when necessary

This forum will present these five strategies and how they can be used to address the “Isms” in organizations in the broad developmental disabilities network.  Panelists will speak from their own organizational experiences and include the voices of individuals with and without disabilities.


Participants will:

  1. Recognize, describe, and convey to others behaviors that demonstrate the “Isms.”
  2. Describe approaches to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for individuals of all races, ethnicities, cultural groups, and abilities.
  3. Describe how to plan and conduct discussions for staff, faculty, students, self-advocates, and community members about the “Isms.”
  4. List conflict management frameworks that are useful in addressing the “Isms.”
  5. Gauge which behaviors associated with the “Isms” rise to the level of warranting legal interventions.