Youth Leadership Toolkit

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Hammond, M., Sheen, J., Holt, J., Romeo, A. (Authors). (2009).Youth Leadership Toolkit. Houston, Texas: ILRU.

About the Toolkit

The Toolkit was published by ILRU in conjunction with Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities in April 2009 as a DVD and accompanying guidebook.

Most of the videos on the Center for Persons with Disabilities web page are the draft videos, not the final videos that are on the Toolkit DVD. The final videos, like the first "Leadership" video, contain music and graphics that make the files too large to easily download for viewing over the internet. The draft videos have all of the same clips of the young adults giving their tips and advice, just without the music and fancy graphics.

The Toolkit (guidebook and DVD) is ready and will be shared through organizations that provide leadership and transition training. Contact your state's Family Voices Chapter to request a copy. For individuals who want a copy, please contact Al Romeo. If you have more questions about the Toolkit, please send Al Romeo a message.

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