The DSE, SILC Roles and Responsibilities, and the Regulations: Part 1 (2 Hours)

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About the Training

Is your agency working with the Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) in your state? Is this new to you, or did you act in a similar role in the past? Whether your agency is new to Independent Living or has long experience, this training is important for you. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act changed the role of the Designated State Entity (DSE), and some of the roles of the SILC as well. This presentation includes content for both SILCs and DSEs.

The DSE, SILC Roles and Responsibilities, and the Regulations: Part 2

Target Audience

DSE administrators and staff, as well as SILC Chairs, Executive Directors, staff, and Council members.

Learning Objectives

You will learn to:

  • Understand the responsibilities of the Designated State Entity (DSE) and how it differs from the Designated State Unit (DSU).
  • Identify the content of the new regulations for Independent Living and how they will affect relationships between the DSE, SILC, and CILs.
  • Understand the duties and authorities of the SILC and recognize the autonomy of the SILC.
  • Explain how Uniform Guidance / Uniform Administrative Requirements may impact the SILC and DSE.

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