Implementing and Enforcing Olmstead

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About the Training

Olmstead implementation activities among both centers for independent living and other advocacy and policy organizations is conducted in a variety of approaches and at widely differing levels of intensity. This is not surprising, given the complexity of the issue. Through the IL NET’s research we have identified some activities at CILs, state associations of CILs, and other advocacy organizations that have had an impact and would be of interest to the IL field. The overarching goal of this resource page and training is to provide a framework for a more cohesive and systematic approach for CILs to address Olmstead.

Below are links to the IL-NET training originally conducted by ILRU and partners in May of 2011. Highlights of the training include:

  • Background for understanding Olmstead and what it means for people with disabilities
  • Status and impact of Olmstead since 1999
  • Understanding and effecting policy change
  • What CILs can do to further Olmstead implementation
  • Examples of approaches in the IL field from around the country
  • Setting priorities and working your role
  • Using the legal system for impact
  • CIL next steps at home

Program/Video Sessions

Day One

Day Two