Allie Cannington

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Allie Cannington is a white, Queer, Disabled community advocate and educator. For over nine years, Allie has organized youth with disabilities on local, state, national and international levels, always centering Disabled youth with multiple marginalized identities- including Queer and Trans, low/no income, houseless, and youth of color. 
Currently, Allie serves as the Statewide Community Organizer for the Disability Organizing Network, a program of the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC). Allie is humbled to partner with organizers and advocates across the state to mobilize and elevate the power of the Disability community. Before starting at CFILC, Allie lived and worked in Washington DC, where she was the first Youth Transitions Fellow with the National Council on Independent Living. After returning to the Bay Area in 2016, Allie worked on the frontlines of direct service and youth development organizations, specifically with youth experiencing homelessness & Trans and Gender Non-Conforming youth. 
Allie‚Äôs direct service and program development work focused on leadership development, political advocacy, workforce readiness and independent living. 
No matter the space, Allie honors the legacy of the Independent Living Movement and uses intersectionality, equity, and #DisabilitySolidarity as guideposts for success. Ultimately, Allie's work is dedicated to unveiling everyone's proximity to disability and to fueling justice movements that are intersectional, sustainable, and intergenerational.
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