The ILRU staff and affiliates design and provide training for a number of audiences at scheduled trainings throughout the year and in response to requests for customized training. A variety of teaching modalities are used to effectively deliver information on a wide range of topics. Topics include independent living, the ADA, access to information technology and sensitivity to disability. Training may be delivered in-person, via a live webinar or teleconference, or online or on-demand.

Training modalities include:

On-demand Training

A variety of topics are addressed in our on-demand training catalog. Many past on-location trainings can be viewed as video recordings allowing you to become a virtual participant in the virtual training.

Online Courses

These six-week facilitator moderator online courses are offered throughout the year and allow you to remotely participate with the instructor and fellow classmates as you work through the topic using an online learning platform. Additional information on participating in an online course is available on the course page.

On-location Training

Join your peers for a two and one-half day intensive on-location training that provides opportunities for you to learn from experts in the field and interact with others with similar interests. Trainings are held in major cities around the U.S.


Learn at your own speed with these self-paced, web-based tutorials. RapidCourses are fully accessible (508 compliant), available 24/7 and allow you to "Learn at the Speed of YOU!"


Available via an IL Conversation teleconference platform, these teleconferences provide training and interaction on topics of interest to you from our partner at APRIL.


Scheduled throughout the year, these one and one-half hour presentations provide an interactive learning experience using an accessible web-based platform. Webinars are archived for access 24/7.