Youth Transition: The Growing Role of Centers for Independent Living

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Denver, CO
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About the Training

Youth transition is one of the new core services that centers for independent living are looking to identify new strategies and resources. This CIL-NET training is being offered to assist centers in expanding their existing services to include youth. This training included what the law says, what falls under the new core service, some steps for identifying your centers' strengths, resources, and services to expand youth engagement, and more.

Target Audience

Directors, Independent Living Specialists, and Youth Transition Coordinators at centers for independent living, as well as members of SILCs and centers who are interested in youth transition.

ACL letter announcing FAQs on IL Services for Children and Youth with Disabilities (pdf)

ACL FAQs on IL Services for Children and Youth with Disabilities (Youth Services FAQ) (pdf)

Learning Objectives

  • What the law and final regulations say.
  • What falls under the new core service and what does not.
  • Strategies for tracking this service for reporting purposes.
  • Steps for identifying a CIL's strengths, resources, and existing services that can be expanded to include youth.
  • Tools and strategies for implementation.
  • Potential new partners, service possibilities, and funding sources.
  • Using core services as springboard to expansion.
  • Strategies for working with VR, local agencies, schools, state agencies.
  • Key collaborations. How do you get to the right tables?
  • Youth are a target population, not a service.
  • What are the elements of a CIL culture that will attract and engage youth?
  • How to approach young adults? How to be an adult ally?
  • How to engage parents?
  • Issues of intersectionality.

Training Materials/Resources

  • Coming Soon!

Other Resources on Youth Transition