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Alie Kriofske has been working with people with disabilities for the past ten years as a support person, mentor and educator. She came to IndependenceFirst as a Marquette University graduate school intern while she obtained her Master’s Degree in Public Service, focusing on disability rights and the disability movement. After graduation, she found she did not want to leave the agency. She proposed a new youth-focused position to the executive director, who accepted it. Alie now continues her work at IndependenceFirst as the Youth Leadership Specialist, working with young persons with disabilities in transition, self-advocacy and independent living skills training. During the past few years, she has been teaching sexuality education and healthy relationships skills to youth with disabilities and is working on her certification as a sexuality educator.

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Alexandra Kriofske
Youth Leadership Specialist
540 S 1st Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204
Direct: 414-226-8112414-226-8112
Office: 414-291-7520414-291-7520 TTY/Relay
Fax: 414-291-7525

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