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Amy Noone is the Transition Advisory Assistant for Commonwealth Connections Academy (CCA.) CCA is a public cyber charter school in Pennsylvania, serving students and families in grades K – 12. She received her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Harcum College and has done extensive course study in Psychology through Harvard University’s Extension School and American Public University. She has spent the last eight years working in Special Education, primarily as a paraprofessional.

Amy joined CCA’s Transition department three years ago with the primary focus of serving the needs of students requiring agency supports. It is her life experience that makes her an invaluable member of CCA’s transition department. From being a flight attendant to being a business owner to managing the daily operations of a rental car agency, Amy has experience in various occupations that she readily shares with CCA students.

Amy also has a unique perspective as a parent of a cyber student, which gives her insight into the challenges that students face in such an environment. She currently resides in York, PA with her son and continues to advocate for students and their needs through her work in transition.

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