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Christy is the Director of Living Independence for Everyone (LIFE). She was born and raised in Jackson, MS. She is a person who was born with congenital amputations, both arms below the elbow and the left leg below the knee. She began working in the Independent Living Movement in 1983 at the age of 19 to provide peer support to others people with amputations and continues to this day. Christy has worked in all aspects of the independent living field from acting as a peer counselor to currently serving as the Executive Director of the Title VII, Part C centers for independent living, known as LIFE. Christy remains active on numerous Boards and Committees in an effort to ensure freedom of choice for all individuals with disabilities. Under her supervision, LIFE has doubled in staff size and funding. Currently LIFE has twelve sources of funding, including but not limted to: Title VII, Part C funding from RSA, an AmeriCorps project sponsored by the Mississippi Commision for Volunteer Service, the Americans with Disabilities Act Network in Mississippi, a project sponsored by the Southeastern ADA Resource Center sponsored by Syracuse University, two United Way grants and more. Christy has expertise in all issues pertaining to independent living, including the four core services of information and referral, skills training, advocacy and peer support, as well as all laws and regulations regarding disability rights, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Individual with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504. Christy has a Masters Degree in Community Counseling and an honorary Doctorate in Public Service from Millsaps College.

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Phone: 228.388.2401
Living Independence for Everyone (LIFE), 1304 Vine Street, Jackson, MS 39202

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