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David Hancox was the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living, (MCIL) (2/97-2014), in St. Paul, Minnesota. Previously, David served on the Center’s Board of Directors for 6 years, 1990-1996. MCIL provides a wide range of services and opportunities to individuals with disabilities living in the 7 county metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul. MCIL serves approximately 35,000 individuals per year.

David served as the primary legislative lobbyist for the Minnesota Association of Centers for Independent Living (MACIL) (1/94-2015), assisting MACIL with their legislative agenda and activities. David’s previous employment includes Senior Planner, Minnesota DD Council; Minnesota Coordinator, WID; Policy Analyst, Ohio DD Council, and others. David also provides consulting services that focus on disability policy and issues related to individuals with disabilities and their families.

David’s services are routinely requested for private consultation, as a guest lecturer and keynote presenter, to provide program design and content evaluation, as a conference educator and facilitator, to lead focus groups and discussions, and as a author and co-author for articles on disability related issues.

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