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Jane Scheile Sinclare started working in the independent living/disability rights movement in 2000.  Her work positions include: Nursing Facility Transition Project State Coordinator, Director of Satellite Offices, Manager of the Independent Living Program and Director of Projects and Development. The longer Jane works in this field, the more she is absolutely sure of the positive effects the independent living movement has on both people with and without disabilities.

On the national level, Jane has taught at numerous conferences on Nursing Home Transition and co-taught a webinar on IL Skills of Nursing Home Transition; and at NCIL’s 2006 annual conference she co-presented on Mental Health Advocacy at Centers for Independent Living. She was a director of the DVD, “You Have a Choice.” She also authored a Nursing Home Transition Project Handbook. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver in Colorado.

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Phone: 303-442-8662
The Center for People with Disabilities; 1675 Range Street, Boulder, CO 80301

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