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Noelle Kurth is an Assistant Researcher Senior at the University of Kansas Institute for Health & Disability Policy Studies, Life Span Institute. Her work in the disability field for over 20 years has included state and federally-funded research projects on improving health, employment, and post-secondary education outcomes for people with disabilities. She has extensive experience conducting survey research, including survey design and multi-modal administration, data collection, management, and analyses. Further, in recent years she has worked to establish strong working relationships with staff in government, community and university agencies to develop increased capacity for data sharing and outcomes analyses. One specific interest is connecting primary data to administrative datasets to more fully measure the longitudinal impact interventions and public policy have on the health and quality of life of people with disabilities.

Years of serving as a caregiver and medical decision-maker for relatives with Huntington’s Disease (HD) gives her much personal experience with the myriad of disabling factors  associated with HD and strengthens her commitment to the disability field.  Her commitment to people with disabilities has taken her to Tanzania, East Africa to volunteer time working in remote, rural villages to help improve access to much needed healthcare services and education for people with disabilities, including HIV/AIDS.

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Noelle Kurth, M.S.
Assistant Researcher Senior
University of Kansas
Institute for Health & Disability Policy Studies
Life Span Institute
1000 Sunnyside Avenue, Rm 1052
Lawrence, KS 66045
(785) 864-7046 (Voice & TTY)