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Jesse Bethke Gomez is the executive director for Metropolitan Center for Independent Living, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Jesse’s CEO experience is in leading organizations in human services, University foundation, healthcare, health policy, employment, and education, and senior executive leadership in business consulting, non-profit and University executive leadership. As an award winning chief executive officer, Jesse is a national speaker, a National Kellogg Fellow from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, a published author and contributing author to and Jesse served as president of Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES), an internationally recognized non-profit agency that was recognized during his tenure as among the Top 25 Hispanic Agencies in America by a leading national business magazine. He is among 100 leaders requested by The White House to participate in the Hispanic Summit in 2011. Jesse holds a Master of Management & Administration degree specializing in Strategic Leadership, Metropolitan State University, and is Alumnus of the Year, 2008. He has a deep commitment to civil rights and to advancing the ability of people to care for one another.

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