Creating a Culture in Your CIL to Guide Mental Health Transition (1.5 Hours)

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About the training

The IL-NET National Training & Technical Assistance (T&TA) Center operated by ILRU in collaboration with NCIL, APRIL, and the University of Montana Rural Institute and RTC: Rural, supports CILs and SILCs in building capacity to run strong, effective organizations. The training highlighted varied approaches and strategies to creating a culture in your organization that allows you to support both employees and consumers with mental health disabilities.

Target Audience

Executive directors, program managers, and staff members of centers for independent living

What you will learn

  • Identify strategies to create a CIL culture that supports mental health transitions.
  • Understand how your CIL culture surrounding mental health can influence mental health transitions.
  • Identify best practices for working with your CIL Staff to grow your programs and work with mental health transitions.

View the training (01:30:33)