Disability and Diversity Intersectionality Guidebook for CILs

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Jones, D.L, Hammond, M., George, C. (Authors). (2020).  Disability and Diversity Intersectionality Guidebook for CILs. Houston, Texas: ILRU and the IL-NET.

Purpose of the Guidebook

This guidebook is based on the findings from the case studies as well as webinars and conference presentations provided by the IL-NET. Most of the presenters, facilitators, and authors of the information were people with varied racial, ethnic, and disability identities. The guidebook is intended to provide practical ideas for your CIL to increase inclusion, involvement, and leadership of individuals with disabilities with intersecting identities from all marginalized groups.

For more information on the Disability, Diversity, and Intersectionality in CILs project, see https://www.ilru.org/projects/cil-diversity.

For more information on the nine centers in the case study, see https://www.ilru.org/projects/cil-diversity/case-studies.

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