Guidebook for SILC Chairpersons, Members, and Administrators

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Statewide Independent Living Councils (SILCs) fulfill an important, unique, and sometimes challenging role. SILCs are responsible for determining the direction for the Independent Living (IL) Program in the state. SILCs not only identify the needs of the Independent Living (IL) community, but also, jointly with the centers for independent living (CILs), develop a State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) to respond to those needs. The SILC then monitors the implementation of the three-year plan.

SILCs across the country are organized in a variety of ways. Variations include size (number of council members), organizational status (nonprofit or not), partnerships and relationships, policies and procedures, state laws, and funding sources. However, there are many commonalities, such as a shared mission, authorizing federal laws and regulations, duties, authorities, tasks, and collaboration with CILs.

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