ASA RISE: Applications Open for Cohort 3 Fellows

The American Society on Aging (ASA) is accepting applications for its third cohort of ASA RISE, a 20-week leadership and social justice program for leaders of color in aging.

Aging in the United States has never been an equitable experience across the barriers of economic and social justice, and often, the same inequities and lack of justice that require our response are those that prevent the most qualified people from having access to lead that response. The field of aging needs more leaders of color—and a modern, sustainable leadership program to support them.

ASA RISE is a launching pad for the next generation of aging leadership by creating a BIPOC leadership pool that improves policies and programs on aging at the local, state and national levels. ASA Fellows participate in weekly virtual sessions that provide training and mentorship in the aging field on fundamental principles of advocacy, social justice and leadership development. They will also pair with a mentor for professional support.

Applications for ASA RISE are open until July 15.