New Study On Disabled Women In Leadership

Today is International Women’s Day, a global day to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women. However, despite there being over 20 million disabled women in the United States, there is limited research into career and leadership growth of women with disabilities. What we do know is that disabled women are undereducated, underemployed, and under-invested in as leaders due to societal barriers such as sexism, racism, and ableism. The lack of research on this matter led to “Disabled Women in the Working World: Bias and Barriers that Hinder Workplace Advancement”, a new report by Disability EmpowHer Network, published today, International Women’s Day.

“This report is just the beginning of our work to draw attention to the ways in which disabled women are overlooked and underestimated for leadership opportunities,” said Stephanie Woodward, Executive Director of Disability EmpowHer Network. "Our expectation is that employers will take this research and implement changes to their companies that will increase employment and leadership opportunities for disabled women, and when they do we will be here to support them through the process."

View the report online today.

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