OILP Guidance

OILP Quarterly Connection Call: Thank you to all of you who recently attended our Quarterly Connection Call on August 30, 2023. The PowerPoint presentation, zoom recording and webinar transcript are available at https://www.ilru.org/training/quarterly-connection. Training was provided by our fiscal office during the call. If you were unable to attend our August call, we would encourage you to view the recording and other available materials.

OILP Monthly Newsletters Posted on Website: The OILP newsletters from May 2023—present are now available on our website here under the heading of Office of Independent Living Programs Monthly Newsletters.

FY21 CIL PPR Data Posted on Website: The FY21 CIL PPR data is now available on our website here under the heading of Annual Performance Data and Outcomes.

CIL Fact Sheet Now Available on Website: The CIL fact sheet has been published on ACL’s website here.

SPIL Instrument and Instructions Posted on Website:  The updated SPIL instrument and instructions are now available on our website here under the heading of Submitting State Plans for Independent Living.

IL Grant Applications: Several of you have reached out to us at ACL wondering where this year’s grant application packets are, so we wanted to share the good news. This year, you will automatically receive your annual CIL awards near the end of September and will no longer have to submit paperwork each year from this year on to all future years. In addition, the project awards will be granted with a 2-year project period (i.e., 9/30/2023 – 9/29/2025) and it is equivalent to an automatic, one-year no-cost extension for those who are unable to spend their funds in one year. In September, you will receive notification regarding your FFY 2023 annual awards. Notices of Award (NoA) document will continue to be issued and saved in GrantSolutions.

Audit Confirmation Requests:  Many Centers for Independent Living have reached out to request verifications for their independent fiscal audits. Please be advised that audit confirmation requests should be sent to pmsoigaudit@psc.hhs.gov.

Indirect Cost Rates: For questions regarding indirect cost rates, contact information can be found at https://www.hhs.gov/about/agencies/asa/psc/indirect-cost-negotiations/index.html.

Allowable Expenses: OILP has recently received questions from our grantees regarding allowable costs. For additional guidance, please consult 45 CFR 75.403 and contact the fiscal officer listed in your notice of award.

Public Health Workforce Funding:  The Public Health Workforce funding was released for both CIL and ILS Programs in March 2022.  The guidance is available here under Guidance for ACL Programs, subheading of Public Health Workforce Grants.  

 FY2024 SPIL Extension Reminder: OILP disseminated guidance in October 2022 about the FY2024 SPIL extension.  As a reminder, SPIL amendments were due to your Program Officer by June 30th. Please see the guidance available on our webpage at https://acl.gov/programs/aging-and-disability-networks/statewide-independent-living-councils