Q90 Recruiting for SILC Representatives to Pilot Test SPIL Portal

About the pilot

Calling all SILC staff! Q90 is looking for SILC staff and representatives with experience developing the State Plan to pilot the new SPIL portal in Q90. 

In collaboration with the Office of Independent Living Programs at the ACL, Q90 is in the process of adding the ability for ILS Grantees to enter and submit their SPILs to the ACL through the Q90 Portal.

The Q90 Portal will be ready for state networks to enter and submit their FY2025-2027 SPIL. 

The FY2025-2027 SPIL is due to OILP on or before June 30, 2024, with an effective date of October 1, 2024

SPIL entry on the Q90 portal for the FY2025-2027 SPIL will be available as early as November 1, 2023 (we can do earlier or later than November) 

There is an opportunity for 6 state networks to participate in a Beta Group to help with quality assurance and testing by entering and submitting their FY2024 SPIL on the Q90 Portal. 

Here are the details and commitments for the 6 selected state networks

  • Prepare your FY2024 SPIL before May of 2023
  • State networks have the option to make either (a) substantial and material changes to the FY2021-2023 SPIL; or (b) technical amendments to extend the FY2021–2023 SPIL through FY2024
  • If choosing option (a), the substantial and material change of the SPIL, please coordinate those changes with your ACL Program Officer before entering your SPIL into the Q90 Portal
  • If choosing option (b), technical amendments to the FY2021–2023 SPIL, then make those changes, and you will be ready to go when the SPIL is on the Q90 Portal
  • We are targeting the week of May 1, 2023, to provide you access to enter your SPIL in the Q90 Portal
  • Q90 will provide the Beta Group with a training of the SPIL that same week. We will specifically cover how to enter, sign, and submit the SPIL on the Portal
  • Once the SPIL is entered into the Q90 Portal, and ready for signature, then the following parties will be able to digitally sign the SPIL in the Portal:
    • SILC Chairs
    • DSE Directors
    • CIL Executive Directors
  • Once signatures are in, the SILC Chair or SILC ED will then submit the SPIL to the ACL thru the Q90 Portal
  • SILCs, DSEs, and CILs will be able to view the SPIL on the Q90 Portal, as well as save a PDF or Word copy as needed
  • SPIL submission is required on or before June 30, 2023
  • Once submitted to the ACL, Program Officers will review the submitted SPILs, along with approving the SPILs, or providing feedback to the state network on the SPIL
  • If revision is needed, the SPIL will be sent back to the state network for revision
  • Once the SPIL is revised, the SPIL will be signed again, and re-submitted to the ACL for approval

During the course of the Beta Group, we want your feedback along the way. We want to understand your experience with the SPIL in the Q90 Portal. The purpose of the Beta Group is to pave the way for all the rest of the state networks to have a smooth and excellent experience. Here are questions for your consideration:

  • What do you like about the SPIL on the Q90 Portal?
  • Where do you get stuck? 
  • What does not make sense?
  • Did you encounter any accessibility issues?
  • …anything else you would like us to know

If you have questions, or your state network is open and willing to commit to and participate in the Beta Group, then please contact Julie at Q90:

Please note: All state networks not participating in the SPIL Beta Group will submit their SPILs directly to their ACL Program Officers, just as has been done in past years.


Additional Info Email: