Resources on CIL Core Services

The following list of resources is provided to supplement the trainings, publications and other resources on CIL Core Services contained on this website.

  • ABIL Peer Mentor Training Manual (published 2009, updated 2014) produced by ABIL. A 129 page training manual on goal planning, IL, I&R, communication, volunteers, disability awareness and liberation, providing help, self-advocacy, and advocacy resources, with forms (doc). This manual was provided as a resource for the 2014 IL-NET training on peer support.
  • LINC Information and Referral Form produced by LINC. A one page I&R form with information requested, materials sent, follow-up and notes (pdf).
  • LINC Information and Referral Guidelines produced by LINC. Examples of guidelines on addressing inquiries, obtaining information and referring to appropriate resources (pdf).