Approaches to Emerging Systems Advocacy in Centers for Independent Living (1.5 Hrs)

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About the Training

Systems advocacy is a core service at the heart of the Independent Living Movement. Our systems advocacy priorities are informed by the access barriers and discrimination we experience, but it takes a concerted effort to identify emerging systems advocacy issues that CILs must address -- in addition to the ongoing fights for justice in housing, transportation, healthcare, etc. 

The training will explain how one CIL has created a systems advocacy model to identify and act on emerging systems advocacy issues. Access Living brings together elements of community organizing and systems advocacy to recruit leaders and address issues that affect communities experiencing multiple forms of oppression. Your presenters will walk through the process, from concept to campaign, so you understand how they build consensus and organizational buy-in, partner with community organizations and other advocates, and work towards systemic solutions. You will learn how they have navigated the process through real-life examples from active advocacy campaigns. They will also share how this work has impacted their organization, including reporting, ensuring accountability, and even opening new funding opportunities.

Target Audience

Executive directors, advocates, and other staff of Centers for Independent living who are involved in systems advocacy.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, participants will learn: 

  • To understand of systems advocacy as a CIL core service that builds community and changes lives
  • Elements of a systems advocacy model for emerging issue areas that, when used together, builds relationships, strong communities, and successful goal-based community campaigns
  • Effective strategies for recruiting potential leaders and advocates in communities affected by multiple systems of oppression
  • Strategies for keeping your advocates energized, committed, and involved

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