Fees-for-Service Accounting in CILs: Budgeting and Setting Rates (1 Hour)

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About the Training

If your Center is pursuing fee-for-service programs, this training might be just what you need. Determining your Center’s costs and setting appropriate rates is something you cannot afford to get wrong. Set your rates too high and you might lose a contract; too low and your new program might be a funding drain. View this on-demand training to learn how to take the guesswork out of your planning. Our presenter will teach you how to plan effectively for fee-for-service accounting, while avoiding common pitfalls along the way.

Target Audience

Executive directors, program managers, and financial staff of Centers for Independent Living.

Learning Objectives

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • describe strategies for analyzing CIL capacity to move beyond grant funding to fees-for-service ventures
  • describe components of a budget and how to analyze costs for CIL services
  • describe how to analyze units of service needed to break even
  • identify cash flow issues that need to be considered and how to deal with them
  • identify financial policies that CILs should establish, including collection policies

View the Training (01:05:43)

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