Fees-for-Service in CILs: A two-part series (2.5 Hours)

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About the Training

Who wouldn’t like to expand their services and their budget at the same time? If your CIL is willing to do its homework, a fee-for-service program could provide you with just that opportunity. In this two-part series on developing fee-for-service programs at centers for independent living, you’ll learn how you can research, build, and implement fee-for-service programs the right way. You’ll learn from a center that’s built several successful programs that have expanded and supported their core services. You can, too!

Target Audience

CIL executive directors, accountants, program managers, board members and others interested in expanding CIL capacity through fees for service.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • The role of planning to identify the community’s needs, the CIL’s capacities, and the steps forward toward providing fee-based services
  • The kind of research that will be helpful in decision making and ideas for doing it
  • The questions to ask about personnel needed and how to support them
  • Some of the potential purchasers of services that are appropriate for CILs and how to approach them
  • Community relationships to create or expand
  • Some of the barriers and solutions to offering fee-based services
  • How to think more like a business
  • How to stay true to IL philosophy in a business environment
  • Organizational steps to take to build the right infrastructure
  • What financial planning needs to take place
  • Legal considerations when charging fees and working under contract

Part 1: Planning Fees-for-Service in CILs

View Part 1 of the Training (01:16:26) 

Transcript and Resources

Part 2: Implementing Fees-for-Service in CILs

View Part 2 of the Training (01:12:27)

Transcript and Resources

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