Leaders Without Limits: A Community Leadership Academy - Train the Trainer (10 Hours)

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Houston, Texas
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About the Training

Centers for independent living play a critical role in preparing individuals to step into valued leadership roles both within the CIL itself and within the community. The Leaders without Limits Community Leadership Academy is a proven model that prepares people with disabilities for active, effective involvement on boards, committees and councils, serving local government and nonprofit organizations. This training can prepare your CIL to create, fund, and implement a Community Leadership Academy within your CIL. The training can assist SILCs to provide training to their IL Network in how to implement the program model, and train and orient their own council members.

Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • The Leaders Without Limits model of preparing individuals to be community leaders.
  • The benefits and advantages of implementing a Community Leadership Academy within your CIL.
  • Steps to take to create, fund, and implement a Community Leadership Academy within a CIL.
  • How to find and recruit participants.
  • How this model can expand your CIL’s own leadership capacity.
  • Essential skills required for participation on government councils and committees, local nonprofit boards of directors, and other opportunities for leadership.
  • How to identify a natural leader vs an appointed authority.
  • The difference between activists and community leaders.
  • What makes a good leader.
  • Opportunities for community interaction and impact.
  • How to elevate the CIL’s standing in the community as a place to prepare community leaders.
  • How to make IL Philosophy and total accessibility part of the community decision-making process.

Target Audience

Executive Directors, program managers, and other staff, and board members of centers for independent living and statewide independent living councils interested in preparing consumers, staff, board members, or themselves for leadership roles will most benefit from this training.

Video/Training Materials/Resources

Below are the links to the recorded sessions, the PowerPoint presentations, text transcript of the presentation, and a link to additional resources on CIL Management and Operations. To view individual presentations, follow the links below. To view the complete PowerPoint presentation, follow the link below.


To view a catalog of presentations from this training visit:


Module 1: CLA Basics and Becoming a CLA Trainer

Module 2: Leadership of the Community

Module 3: Functions of a Nonprofit Board, Part 1

Module 4: South Carolina Panel

Module 5: Functions of a Nonprofit Board, Part 2

Module 6: Functions of a Nonprofit Board, Part 3

Module 7: Review of Day One

Module 8: Government Councils and Commissions

Module 9: Community Interactions

Module 10: Recruitment and Graduation Planning

Module 11: Placement and Tracking of Data of Graduates

Module 12: Making Good Placements and Wrap Up

Module 13: Review of Day Two

Module 14: Summary of Starting and Operating a CLA

Module 15: Action Steps: Starting Your Own CLA

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