An Introduction to the New Indirect Cost Rate Requirements for Centers for Independent Living (1.45 Hours)

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About the Training

July 2015, the US Department of Health & Human Services sent notification to all Centers for Independent Living receiving federal funds that they would need to submit an indirect cost rate proposal instead of the cost allocation plans required by the US Department of Education. The webinar is a first-step in helping CILs prepare for the new requirements.

The training is an overview of indirect cost rates and the new requirement for CILs.

Target Audience

CIL and SILC executive directors, financial and program managers, and other staff involved in accounting and management of CILs receiving federal awards.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to—

  • Describe considerations in determining whether CILs need or would benefit from an indirect cost rate
  • Describe the process for determining whether CILs qualify for the new 10% de minimis indirect cost rate
  • Identify significant steps CILs can take to simplify their application for an indirect cost rate and ongoing communications to simplify the accounting process
  • Explain procedures that will be required to qualify for reimbursement of indirect costs

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